Friday, July 29, 2011

Our First Guide(book)

You need a guide to go on a hike.

I know that not everyone needs a guide. There are those intrepid souls who take a map and a compass and head out into the wilderness to find their way.

There are even those who head off without a map. Lewis and Clark come to mind, but my admiration for them is another post entirely.

We, however, need a guide.

And we found a guide in this book (which will hereafter be known as WLH):

Kathy and Craig Copeland hike a lot. And they have a great website. Their second date was a 20 miler. Did I say they hike a lot? We want to hike a lot. Perfect combination. They have a number of other books as well; and, before we had gone a mile, I was also the proud owner of this book (known as DWYT):

And because I have a tendency to be a little left brain (do not laugh!), I also am now the owner of nine maps covering the length of the Canadian Rockies from the US border to Jasper National park.

Be prepared.

Did you know I was a scout leader for five years?

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