Saturday, August 20, 2011

Rummel Lake

O.K. so we went on another awesome hike. We ate lunch at another beautiful lake. We did 6 miles yesterday and aren't even tired. Our new gear is awesome ... but who cares?

We saw a MOOSE!!!

Well, all right. The rest of the hike was worth posting about. Rummel Lake is hike number 18 in WLH. The guidebook was right in saying the trip is worthwhile and was, as promised, "a little-known, easy-to-reach, scenic destination that's likely to afford solitude." However, the guidebook was wrong, wrong, wrong about the distance. It was not 8.6 km (5.3 mi) as promised. It was much closer to 10 km (6 mi). Not a big difference; but, until we figured it out, we thought we were going very slow.

The view while hiking was pretty breath-taking. Are you tired of mountain vistas yet?

Or quiet lakeside views?

How about cascades?

I'm not either.

Lessons learned:

The Steripen works. C dropped and emptied a full bottle of water at lunch, so we just filled it up with fresh lake water, sterilized it and enjoyed. No one got sick. What this could do for Africa!

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