Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Where I Am

This might seem depressing, but I am OK. I really am.

We are still in Canada. Husband still has a job. Nice man from corporate intervened and made things livable. We are still considering other options, but the urgency is not there.

But my heart is bruised. I believe in people. I give them the benefit of the doubt. I see the good before the bad. I have lost some of that. I have lost a lot of that. Even worse, my husband, who is a better person than I am, has lost it too.

We also learned that one of our very dearest friends is in the final stages of terminal cancer. Jack was the father figure my husband turned to after his father died. And now I am watching the man I love go through that pain all over again. And Jack is so far away. I can't comfort him or his family. I can't even comfort my husband. This loss will be too great.

So I am cocooning. I am working on some projects at home. I am cleaning out some physical and mental cobwebs. I am reading a little, but not much interests me. Who knows what I will want to write about here.

I am waiting for Spring and hoping that it brings more than its usual touch of promise this year.

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Girl Detective said...

Sorry things are hard. And worse, hard in Canada, far away from other people you love! I'll add you to the discouragingly long list of people I'm holding in my thoughts. This is a hard spring for many.