Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Biblioracle Has Spoken

I was going to take it easy this summer. Now that the Biblioracle has spoken and I have joined Girl Detective's summer reading group and I have been doing some research to help pick book club choices for next year, my reading list has exploded ...

Shelf Discovery - Girl Detective
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle - Biblioracle Recommendation
Everything Matters!! - Biblioracle Recommendation to someone else
Stoner - Biblioracle Recommendation to someone else
Journey to the End of the Night - Biblioracle Recommendation to someone else
One Shot at Forever - ???
Danny, the Champion of the World - Girl Detective
Tiger Eyes - Girl Detective
I am the Cheese - Girl Detective
Jacob Have I Loved - Girl Detective
Black Swan Green - Biblioracle Recommendation to someone else
Devil in the White City - recommended by my golf partner
Billy Lynn's Long Half-Time Walk - Biblioracle Recommendation to someone else

What do you want to read this summer?


Girl Detective said...

Don't you just simultaneously hate (and love) the exploding reading list? For book groups, I've got nine books, plus Shelf Discovery and whatever I can cram in for the books related to that. It will be challenging.

FYI, I loved Black Swan Green, Edgar Sawtelle, I Am the Cheese, and Jacob Have I Loved, so I think you've got some winners.

Amy said...

Black Swan Green is awesome. I'm a total David Mitchell groupie. And I'm so looking forward to revisiting some of my childhood favorites--seems like the perfect summer project.