Monday, June 4, 2012


I admit it, I am a National Park Junkie.  So these photos from Wired Science amazed me.

The above photo is of Death Valley National Park.  It is my favorite photo of the bunch, but my memories of driving through it as a child are not as beautiful.

This second photo is very near to my heart.  It is of my most favorite place in the entire world ... Glacier National Park.

In the upper left corner is Grinnell Glacier (the biggest of the glaciers in this photo).  I have hiked there twice.  The left side of the ridge the glacier rests against is the Highline Trail, which my family will be hiking in September.  Look at the photo ... you can see the path the glacier took as it receded.  The NASA website provides a great explanation.  But I knew it in a moment.  When you love a place so much, it just sticks with you.

If you haven't been and you want to take you family ... go soon.  The glaciers will be gone in 15 years.  I would still go back without the glaciers.  This place is heaven to me. Go. Go Go.

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Book Dragon said...

Thank you. I don't love the NPs as much as you seem to but have been to several and plan on going to more. I've been camping at Death Valley, twice.

I had a good time at the NASA website.

I'm doing an Author A to Z event this month (Book Dragon's Lair)