Monday, July 23, 2012

Upper Kananaskis Lake

In between trips, we did manage to get in another 10 miler.  10.75 miles to be exact.  I remember this trek well, because we saved the toughest part for last.  Who knew the interpretive trail (which I thought would be paved and flat) would entail the most elevation.

It was dreary and rainy most of the day, but these mountains are always beautiful.  I was in between cameras (didn't want the extra weight so I didn't take my big camera) and, unfortunately, my iPhone did not do this trail justice.

I have to remind myself how lucky we are to live here.  People pay to come here on vacation!  I can see this every weekend.

Upper Kananaskis Lakes:
Distance: 10.75 miles
Elevation: negligible
Miles hiked in 2012: 46
Miles hiked since arrival in Canada: 115

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