Sunday, September 18, 2011

Johnston Canyon/Inkpots

Any other day this would have been - as advertised - an easy trip.

It should have been easy because the path was paved for 3.4 of the 7.3 total round trip miles of this hike. It should have been easy because the elevation gain was only 705 feet. It should have been easy because we were hiking with little to no gear, just lunch.

The hike is a one-pager in DWYT, page 457.

But I was recovering from a cold, J was recovering from a cold, my husband was recovering from an awful week at work and M was just being 8. And we got a late start and didn't arrive at the trail head until 10 AM.

It was a slog up the hill. There were a lot of people. As should be expected on a paved interpretive trail they were going at all different speeds. I don't mind calmly saying excuse me and passing the kindly older couple. I don't like racing up the hill because a group of three ladies is on some kind of speed trek. Pass me once and keep going ... if you stop and look and pass me and stop and look and pass me and stop and look and pass me I get a little annoyed.

I was grouch and wanted to take the annoying lady's trekking pole and hit her over the head with it. 24 hours later I can still hear her shrill and annoying voice in my head. I wanted to explain to the family with two dogs and an infant that the reason leashes are required is because some people don't like strange dogs getting in their way. I also don't like stepping in dog feces so pack it out!!!

I do have to admit that the canyon was a beauty:

The real treasure of the hike, however, were the inkpots. These are six greenish-blue pools of spring water. The color differes based on the rate the water bubbles into them. So tough to photograph, but so worth it in the end.

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