Sunday, February 5, 2012

Glorious Day

Have you missed them? Those glorious photos of the Canadian Rockies bathed in brilliant sunshine? Were you starting to think that all I did was read? Were you wondering if I ever went outside?

How is that for proof that I go outside?

I may have mentioned it before, but in case you missed it I will state it again. I love to ski.

The opportunity to ski every weekend in the winter was one of the reasons I said "yes" when my husband asked if I wanted to move to Calgary.

We drive 90 minutes, put on our gear, ride the gondola and we are here:

Sunshine Village in Banff National Park.

And yesterday was one of those EPIC days in the Rockies. The sun was shining in the blue sky, the winds were calm, and the snow was almost perfect (a little powder would have been nice).

We branched out from our comfort zone and skied the whole mountain. We skied all three peaks, tackled every color run, and made it down the mountain in one piece. I could talk forever about yesterday, but I could never do it justice.

First lift of the day - freshly groomed.

First Run of the Day - We were the only people on the hill

I sometime have to pinch myself ... I live 90 minutes from here.

You won't see many posts about our skiing for a couple of reasons. It is usually too cold for me to take my hand out of my glove to take a photo. The weather is not always this nice. Sometimes I am too busy skiing to even think about taking photos. But until we start hiking again and you are treated to weekly photos of our adventures, this will have to tide you over.

Just don't forget to watch for explosives:

I don't just read. I ski.

Ski days in 2011-2012 season: 7
Ski days in 2012: 4

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