Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mental State and Reading Books

I wonder how much your mental state at the time you read a book affects how much you like a book? I read two books in January that I did not particularly care for, Swamplandia! and The Sense of an Ending. I did not like January and was very happy to leave it. It was cold. It was dark. It was depressing. We didn't ski. We rarely went outside.

However, two people who I usually (not always) agree with on book choices liked them both.

Girl Detective on Swamplandia!
New Century Reading on The Sense of an Ending.

Looking back, I have better feelings about the books. I wonder if I unfairly judged them because I was feeling like crap. If I read them know, when the sun is shining and I spend part of every day out in it, would I like them better?

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Book Dragon said...

I know my mood affects my enjoy of a book, whether I'll finish it and ultimately my review

You may like them better if read now but I'd wait a while in order to "forget" some