Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm in Shock ...

because a woman actually said to me that I didn't understand what Todd Akin meant.  She said he was right and that sometimes people say they are raped when they aren't and that I don't understand the difference between real rape and statutory rape.  And apparently she believes that one can lead to pregnancy and one can't.

The Republicans deserve to lose if this is what people think.  I've been a Republican all my life.  I actually worked in Missouri for the Republican party many years ago.  I can't stand Claire McCaskil.  If I were still in Missouri, she would have my vote and, if Akin doesn't get out of the race, she will have my money as well.

You can't fix stupid.

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Amy said...

The Republican part has changed significantly over the past couple of decades. My 90-year-old father, a lifelong staunch Republican, told me last week that he doesn't know who to vote for. He's deeply disappointed in what the party has become.

It terrifies me that people believe this kind of medieval science.