Friday, November 11, 2011

Barrier Lakes Lookout

This was the worst hike yet. And to see a view like this from the "worst hike" reminds me that I am lucky to live in a place so beautiful.

Barrier Lakes is not in either of my two guide books, but J had already done this hike with the scout troop and we wanted a hike not completely snow covered. This fit the bill and did not seem overly long. Up and down.

Except we went up ... 4.9 km or 3 miles. While at the top and feeling good, we decided not to come back down the same way, but complete the loop instead. Another 8.3 km or 5 miles. That made a total of 8 miles on a chilly and blustery day with the wind whipping through us on the last 3 miles at about 40 miles per hour. While it was nice going up and while we were in the trees, the last few km were miserable and I never want to do this hike again.

A consolation prize? well of course, the Rockies don't ever let you down.

This guy was one of a family of wood grouse who were almost tame.

Our totals:

Miles Hiked as a Family Since Arrival in Canada: 69
Miles Hiked by J with his Scout Troop: 9.5
Mile hiked by J: 79.5
Miles Hiked in the Snow: 5.4

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