Saturday, November 19, 2011

It Certainly Feels like the Holidays

It is cold here. Bitterly cold. -22° C and -7° F. To cold to even take off my flannel pjs. A good day to stay inside, watch college football (even if my choices are limited here in Calgary) and think about Christmas presents.

I've decided to participate in Chronicle Books 2nd Annual Happy Haul-idays Giveaway. They're giving one lucky blogger $500 worth of books (and one commenter on this post, if I win, will receive the same). Some books for myself to peruse on the next day like today. Some books for my nieces. A little something for everyone ...

First, for me:

This is me. A nomad. I would love to recreate the interior of that fabulous Thai hotel in my home in Texas one day. Or the colors of the Indian market. Never before has Nomad had such a wonderful connotation.

I almost purchased this yesterday. Plenty. I would cook from this. I would be inspired by this.

And perhaps I could learn a little of what the amazing photographers in these books know. If I read The New Photography Manual this winter, I can use the knowledge when I return to the world in the Spring.

Also on my wish list ...

Waves, because I only see mountains now - not that I am complaining.
God's Amateur, how could you resist this one?
Dante's Divine Comedy, so expensive, but if you are going to read this classic, why not read in style?

For J and M:

This would be a wonderful way to introduce my kids to one of my favorite operas,

and one of my favotire artists (little known fact, but Georgia O'Keefe was a Kappa Delta - AOT).

And then help them find their own creative way in the world.

For my husband, because he is always complaining the boys don't read enought COWBOY books:

For my Dad, the man who introduced me to the icon (but I would have to look at it before I gave it to him):

For my mom:

So she can have some peace while my dad is talking about Mr. Cash. (I think I'll get two of these ... one for my mother-in-lw as well.)

For my beautiful twin nieces (and because I never got to buy stuff like this for the boys):

I hope they let me play with them when I visit!

For my nephew, who is a hard nut for me to crack:

This (and the one on the Celtics) will be a slam dunk!

I have more money left to spend!! I am giddy. I guess if we are going to be inside all winter, we should at least eat well. I will round out my wish list with more cookbooks:

The Glorious Pasta of Italy
Quick and Easy Mexican Cooking

And I am done ... $498.53. Let's see someone try to get closer to $500 than that. And yes, I have a US mailing address.

Now for the charity. With cutbacks across the board in all areas, I can't think of a better charity for books than the public library system in the US. My choice for these books would be the Harris County Public Library system. That way, if the box with these books gets lost in our move home, I could still enjoy my choices. (It happened, by the way, we lost a box of books on the move up here - and M's cowboy hat!)


hsw said...

"Plenty" looks awesome, really gorgeous book. Good luck!

Vintage Love and Photographs said...

There are so many cool things at

nfmgirl said...

1001 Ways to Live in the Moment looks really interesting! Good luck!

lace said...

We've read all the Ivy and Bean books and the Dress up dolls look so fun.

This Confetti Life said...

Oooh! Love Georgia O'Keefe, too!

Kelly Robinson said...

Plenty looks like my kind of cookbook! If I don't win my own haul at Book Dirt, I'd love to win yours!

Amy Powell said...

Great list! Good luck :)