Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sharing is Good

I haven't done this in a while, mostly because I don't really believe anyone cares what I read on the internet. Not a huge fan of Pinterest for the same reason. Do you really want to know what I am thinking would be nice to make for dinner sometime or how I would cut my hair if my lovely husband didn't want me to keep in long-ish? Any way ...

The Tournament of Books starts tomorrow at The Morning Review. I've read 8 of the books and I really liked two of them, three were passable and three I would wish only on my enemies. My choice to win the whole thing ... The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt.

Many thanks to Flavorwire for pointing out a new book of redesigned Lolita covers. I'll explain my obsession with Lolita someday. Just know if given only one choice, it is the book I would take if I knew I would be stranded on a desert island.

Many, many thanks to Laura from Apt. 11D for treating me to the Cartier ad.

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tipsybaker said...

You'd be surprised what people are interested in. I just found you recently through Girl Detective and am very interested in your reading and musings and links and maybe even your haircuts. I haven't read the Sisters Brothers but it's going on the list. I've read 3 of the TOB contenders: Harbach, Patchett, and Barnes. Of those three I'd choose Barnes.