Friday, September 7, 2012

Here We Go Again ... Bleak House Round Two

Back in the Spring I began a read-along of Bleak House.  But I was quickly annoyed by the technical difficulties I encountered ... I couldn't comment or post!  And then a few of the people I was reading with dropped out.  Then I fell behind.  Then I dropped out.

I had the inside scoop that others would be trying this Fall, so I didn't feel like a failure.

Well here we go again.

This time Amy at New Century Reading will be hosting the read-along.  I know I can post on her blog ... and many smart and funny people are already participating.  Yeah, I  can't wait to begin (again).

And I have the brand new Penguin Classics edition to keep me company.  Great suggestion Amy and Girl Detective!

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Amy said...

Hurray! And isn't that a lovely edition?