Sunday, January 8, 2012


I just finished Alexandra Fuller's Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness and what moved me the most was it's idea of HOME.

People often ask why my parents haven't left Africa. Simply put, they have been possessed by this land. Land is Mum's love affair and it is Dad's religion. pg.118

Each time Mum set sail or moved to another farm or gave up a country, she had to assess what would fit into a few boxes....Considering that Mum has always moved with a full complement of animals and a sizable library, precious few other acquisitions have survived the shift from one place to the next. "Lost, stolen, broken, died, left behind," she says. pg. 122

He wanted a farm, land on which to root his growing family. pg. 130

This struck me because this week, I have been missing home. My husband did not help by reminding me that we currently don't own a home, but that isn't what I meant. I miss belonging. I miss my friends. I don't miss the place as much as the feeling.

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