Monday, January 16, 2012

How Many Challenges?

I just visited a blog connected to the only online book challenge I am participating in this year. Honestly it isn't even much of a challenge as I often read many more books than 52 (last year with an international move being the exception). I have some personal challenges, but those are personal and will not have a blog dedicated to them or a special webpage. You would have to read my blog, and I mean really read it, to even know what my personal challenge is.

And that is when I almost fell off my chair. At one blog I counted eleven challenges. Really? A Medieval challenge and a Feminist Classics challenge and an Around the World challenge. I guess if you count books toward more than one challenge you might finish. I have to say, I think that is cheating. In my opinion, if you join the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge and the 150+ challenge then you should read 202 books.

Now THAT would be a challenge!

***Update ... I found someone with 29 challenges.


Girl Detective said...

Bah, challenges. I went haring off after many a few years back, and it made me crazy. And kind of sucked the fun out of reading. Now I'm in three book groups, so much of my reading is spoken for, but my vow after that bout of crazy of no more challenges or read alongs has stood me well. I _do_ hope to read more off my shelves this year, though. And while there are Shelf Challenges, I'll keep mine to myself.

Patricia said...

I would do your 15 books in 15 days again though ... it was actually challenging! Cleared off my TBR shelf (of the short books!)

Book Dragon said...

um, I wonder if that 29 was me?

I wasn't going to join so many again this year but then I get excited and if I'm posting to share a challenge I found, why not join it?

I love the phrase "can overlap with other challenges" :)